DKW Lodge conducts quintuple passing in Leicester

The David Kenneth Williamson Lodge No.9938 held its first meeting outside of London at Freemasons’ Hall, Leicester to conduct a quintuple Passing ceremony on behalf of the three Universities Scheme Lodges in the Province of Leicestershire and Rutland.

The Lodge is the Installed Masters Lodge for the Universities Scheme and whilst consecrated in London in 2016, it was agreed that the lodge should occasionally meet around the English constitution to undertake second and third degree ceremonies on behalf Universities Scheme lodges.

The meeting was held in the very decorative surroundings of the Holmes Lodge Room at Freemasons’ Hall, Leicester on Friday 4th May 2018 and was opened in due form at 5.45pm by the Master, RW Bro Oliver Lodge TD PSGW GDC with 66 Brethren in attendance including the Immediate Past Master RW Bro David Williamson PAGM, the Assistant Grand Master RWBro Sir David Wootton, RW Bro David Hagger, ProvGM, Leicestershire and Rutland; RW Bro David Pratt, ProvGM, Yorkshire, West Riding; VW Bro Peter Kinder, PGSwdB, AProvGM, Leicestershire and Rutland; and RW Bro Derek Buswell, PProvGM, Leicestershire and Rutland.

The five candidates Bro David Hames, of Wyggeston Lodge, No. 3448; Bro Jonathan Haslam, of Castle of Leicester Lodge, No. 7767; Bro David Veryan Jones, of Castle of Leicester Lodge, No. 7767; Bro Marat Guysin, of Lodge of Science and Art, No. 8429; Bro Steven Brian Szukielowicz of Lodge of Science and Art, No. 8429 were Passed to the degree of a Fellowcraft in a superbly conducted ceremony ably assisted by the Senior and Junior Deacons along with 3 Assistant Deacons. VW Bro Peter Kinder, W Bro Kelvin Johnson, PAGDC, ProvGSec, Leicestershire and Rutland and W Bro David Thompson PAGDC also assisted the Master in the ceremony.

The Fellowcraft
The Fellowcraft along with the Master and Brethren of the David Kenneth Williamson Lodge together with Grand Officers

RW Bro Wootton, President of the Universities Scheme, provided an update on the Universities Scheme and made mention of a recent audit undertaken of all Scheme Lodges to help identify those Lodges who may benefit from extra help and support.

He also highlighted the four strategic aims the Scheme was pursuing, namely:

  • Providing support to Lodges and producing ‘know how’ guides on topics such as lodge finance and ritual. Also suggesting to Lodge Almoners that they could focus on understanding their student members and when they have exams coming up, when they are graduating, and celebrating their successes.
  • Talent transfer – how to assist members to find a new masonic home after leaving university. Far too much talent is lost at this stage and it is our most important objective as a Scheme.
  • The Royal Arch – the Scheme now has five Royal Arch Chapters and is looking at how best to develop this important part of the Scheme.
  • Overseas – students from districts graduation in England and helping our Districts attract students in their home countries, especially important where they compete with domestic Grand Lodges.

Also mentioned was the important work of the New and Young Masons Clubs (NYMC) and that the Scheme was increasing its engagement with NYMC both on a local and national level to ensure that with items, such as talent transfer, both groups can work together. He also referenced the links with the Association of Medical, University and Legal Lodges (AMULL).

After the Ceremony the Master said: “It seems to me that this Lodge is very much living up to the high expectations of it. Well done to all.”

The Past Assistant Grand Master, RW Bro David Williamson reiterated this by saying: “It was a perfect demonstration of how a multiple Ceremony can be done without detriment to the Candidates, and brought much credit to the Lodge.”

The Brethren retired to the Holmes Lounge were they were welcomed with reception drinks before an excellent four-course dinner consisting of cheddar soufflé, epaule of lamb, trio of chocolate desserts, followed by cheese and biscuits with port.

After grace, W Bro Mo Afsa, ProvJGW, East Lancashire of Old Mancunians’ With Mount Sinai Lodge, No. 3140, presented the DKW Loving Cup to the Lodge. Under the watchful eye of RW Bro David Kenneth Williamson, PAGM (‘DKW’) the Loving Cup circulated around the room. There being six members of Apollo University Lodge, No. 357 present, W Bro Paul Grier, PGPurs, GStwd rose to claim the Cup on behalf of that Lodge and announced that the Lodge would next be meeting on Saturday 2nd June 2018 where the cup was available for claiming by another Scheme Lodge.

The DKW Loving Cup is passed between RW Bro David Williamson and the Master of the David Kenneth Williamson Lodge, RW Bro Oliver Lodge

The evening concluded at 9.30pm sharp to allow many brethren to get the train back to London or other parts of the country from whence they travelled.

DKW Lodge is Consecrated and David Kenneth Williamson installed as its Primus Master

In a very rare occurrence, the Pro Grand Master M.W.Bro. Peter Lowndes, Deputy Grand Master, R.W.Bro. Johnathan Spence and Assistant Grand Master, R.W.Bro. Sir David Wootton were all present to undertake the Consecration of the David Kenneth Williamson Lodge No.9938 at Freemasons’ Hall, London on 5th December 2016.

The Consecration, attended by over 200 brethren, was held in the impressive Lodge Room 10 which combines classic Art Deco with Egyptian design. The Pro Grand Master used the consecrating elements of corn, wine, oil and salt according to ancient custom and was assisted by R.W.Bro Sir Michael Snyder, Metropolitan Grand Master and R.W.Bro. Michael Ward, Deputy Metropolitan Grand Master. The Deputy Grand Master, R.W.Bro. Jonathan Spence then Installed R.W.Bro. David Williamson as the first Master who then invested his Immediate Past Master, R.W.Bro. Sir David Wootton. The Master finally invested his Officers including R.W.Bro. Oliver Lodge as Senior Warden and W.Bro. Edward Lord as Junior Warden.

As the David Kenneth Williamson Lodge No.9938 is the Installed Masters Lodge for the Universities Scheme, the Scheme President, R.W.Bro. Sir David Wootton welcomed the newly consecrated lodge into the Universities Scheme being the the 73rd Lodge to join.

Those assisting in the Consecration were subsequently proposed as honorary members and 19 others in attendance, including several Provincial Grand Masters, were proposed as joining members.

After the meeting, the guests dined at the Grand Connaught Rooms and enjoyed a Festive Board meal befitting such an occasion.

The next regular meeting of the lodge is on Friday 5th May 2017.

Holy Bible is presented by Province of Leicestershire and Rutland

The Past Assistant Grand Master and Past President of the Universities Scheme, R.W.Bro. David K. Williamson, was presented a Holy Bible from the Provincial Grand Master of the Province of Leicestershire and Rutland, R.W.Bro. David V. Hagger, at their Provincial Grand Lodge meeting in Leicester on Friday 25th November 2016.

The Bible is a gift from the Province in recognition of the membership of their three Universities Scheme Lodges: Wyggeston Lodge No.3448, Lodge of Science and Art No.8429 and Castle of Leicester Lodge No.7767 and Chapter: Granite Chapter No.2028 for the David Kenneth Williamson Lodge No.9938 which will consecrated on the 5th December 2016. 


The Consecration of the David Kenneth Williamson Lodge No.9938 took place at Freemasons’ Hall, London on Monday 5th December 2016.

The Pro Grand Master was the Consecrating Officer and the Deputy Grand Master was the Installing Officer at the ceremony.


David Kenneth Williamson

The David Kenneth Williamson Lodge, which is to be a tribute to the contribution to English Freemasonry of David Williamson, Assistant Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England from 2001 to 2014, and Third Grand Principal of Supreme Grand Chapter from 2010 to 2016, and particularly as President of the UGLE Universities Scheme.


The Lodge has been sponsored by Lodge of Antiquity No.2 and the Founders are drawn from current and former members of the Universities Scheme Committee.

Joining Membership will be open to Installed Masters of Universities Scheme lodges, as well as current and former Provincial Liaison Officers, and Scheme Visiting Officers.

Universities Scheme

The Universities Scheme is a pioneering attempt by the United Grand Lodge of England to help to forge links between well placed, enthusiastic Lodges and the many students and other young people who are seeking to become involved in freemasonry but who may not know where to begin.